EnduroSat is one of the fastest growing space companies in Europe, providing solutions for the Global space market. It designs, builds and operates class-leading NanoSats for a range of commercial, exploration and science missions, with focus on inter-satellite connectivity and space data applications.

The core product of EnduroSat is high-end and high-performing nanosatellites and related engineering services at industry-leading delivery time (within five days of the order date). It has developed a unique portfolio of satellite modules based on own proprietary design. This is down to the agile development processes and lean production. The team is comprised of 45+talented engineers and professionals in the company’s headquarters in Sofia, dedicated to enable access to space data to millions of users on the ground.

EnduroSat provides state-of-the-art CubeSat platforms that, due to thesoftware-driven approach, offer unmatched performance and redundancy opening an array of new opportunities for its clients and partners operating swarm or constellation programs.
EnduroSat offers unique access to cutting-edge Ground Station services based in Tier-3 Teleport in Bulgaria. The antennas are pre-configured to link automatically with EnduroSat communication modules, ensuring the fastest Ground Segment integration on the market. Schedule downlink sessions and access your data anywhere.

As next step, EnduroSat is launching Space Data Gateway service based on proprietary communication technology. This unique service will completely change operations in Ground Segment and Mission Control and enable next generation IoT applications.